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Professional editing and proofreading for independent authors.

At Brockway Gatehouse, we work with authors publishing in many genres, but have a passion for cosy mysteries, paranormal romances, and urban fantasies.

We are professional fiction editors working with independent authors to help them create seamless, engaging stories.

It’s our role at Brockway Gatehouse to hunt down and advise you on anything that may be dragging the attention of your readers away from your story.

You’ve worked hard to craft a gripping tale, and you want to ensure that when you show your book to the world it is the very best it can be.

We can bring fresh eyes to your story. Expert, trained eyes that will spot things your weary writer gaze may gloss over out of sheer familiarity with your material. And we promise to be gentle with your words, and to respect your authorial voice because we understand how important these things are to you.

Many authors send their manuscript off to be critiqued (beta reading) so that they can gain some feedback from their target audience; ensuring that their book is well suited for readers, is conveying the right message and is enjoyable, before they move on to final polishing or publishing.

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