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Empowering writers and seekers of well-being through expert editing and transformative breathwork.

Discover Brockway Gatehouse’s unique blend of Holistic Editorial and Breathwork Services. I offer developmental editing for authors and transformative breathwork programs for personal growth. Explore my personalized services, such as professional manuscript critique, helpful breathing techniques, and life-changing breathwork sessions for personal growth. Start your journey to publishing success and personal fulfillment with me today.

Professional Developmental Editing Service_ Crafting Stories That Shine

 Brockway Gatehouse Developmental Editing

Faithfully Crafting Your Unputdownable Book

Are you an author poised to make your debut? Unlock the full potential of your book by using my professional editing services to transform your manuscript. At Brockway Gatehouse, I work alongside you to perfect every aspect of your story, ensuring it stands out from the crowd. I’ll help you take your writing to new levels by improving everything from world-building to characters and plot.

Services for Authors:

– Developmental Editing

– Manuscript Critique

– Beta Reading

 Wessex Wise Woman @ Brockway Gatehouse

Embrace Your Journey with Breathwork

Introducing Wessex Wise Woman! A part of Brockway Gatehouse that specialises in breathwork to help you develop spiritually and emotionally. Whether you’re dealing with midlife challenges, wanting to learn breathing techniques, or looking to reconnect with your spirituality. I design bespoke programs to guide you through each breath.

Breathwork Packages:

– Functional Breathing: Enhance Your Health & Vitality

– Midlife Harmony: Breathwork for Balance

– Spiritual Breath: Reconnecting with Your Roots

 About Me

Your Partner in Creative and Personal Growth

I am committed to supporting your journey—whether you’re publishing your first novel or exploring personal transformation. Kim Brockway, a qualified copy editor and certified breathwork coach leads Brockway Gatehouse. I offer a dual path to success through meticulous editing and mindful breathing techniques.


Hear From My Clients

– “Kim is an integral part of the creation of my novels. She brings rare gifts to the task…” — Holly Bell, Author of Amanda Cadabra Series

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