Beta Read Levels of Service

We offer three beta reading levels of service; Beta Read 1.0, Beta Read 2.0 and Beta Read 3.0.

What is included?

Beta Read1.02.03.0
Read Manuscript.
Multiple read of your manuscript.
Beta Reading Report.
A detailed analysis considering:
– Opening Scene
– Characters & Dialogue
– Plot & Conflict
– Flow & Pacing
– Setting & World Building
– Writing Style
-Overall Impression
In-line Comments.
Thoughts and comments added directly to your manuscript using the Word Comment function.
Light Proofreading.
Spot and correct simple spelling, grammar and inconsistencies.
Beta Reading Levels of Service

If you are interested in having your manuscript proofread and/or edited, please CLICK HERE

Time Frame – It is generally agreed that it takes an average reader approximately 1 hour to read 10,000 words, therefore, the amount of time it will take us to beta read your manuscript and provide you with a comprehensive written report will depend on its length. However, we aim to send you the report within 2 weeks of receiving your manuscript.

Price and Payment – We use “per word” pricing for our Beta Reading services, since this is the easiest to calculate, and it leaves little room for misunderstanding. Costs for beta reading vary, depending on which service you choose and the length of your manuscript. Use the chart below to get an approximate cost.

Beta Read 1.0
(£0.002 per word)
Beta Read 2.0
(£0.003 per word)
Beta Read 3.0
(£0.004 per word)
Beta Read Approximate Costs

Please request a personalised quotation.

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All payments must be made via Paypal. You will receive a Paypal invoice after we have emailed the Beta Reading Report. We appreciate prompt payment within 15 days of receipt to avoid any undue embarrassment.


We work to strict ethical standards. Your work belongs to you; we’ll never share your work with anyone and all emails containing your manuscript and the manuscript itself will be deleted four weeks after the end of the project.

Under no circumstances will we redistribute, copy, share or make public any material you present to us or the Beta Reading Report or comments.

To access service:

When you Contact us, we’ll be in touch within 48 hours to confirm details: our availability, duration required, service required and price. When the details have been mutually confirmed and agreed upon, we’ll request a copy of your manuscript in the agreed format.

Genres Not Accepted:

At this time, we’re not accepting Non-fiction, Young Adult, Teen or Children’s literature for our Beta Reading services. Also, no partially completed manuscripts please. Thank you.

If you have any questions, you can contact us and write your query in the message section.

We look forward to working with you!

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