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Have you finished the final draft of your manuscript? Do you want to test the reception with readers before you publish your work? My Beta Reading Service might be just what you need at this point in your writing journey.

What is beta reading?

Many authors send their manuscript off for beta reading so that they can gain some feedback from their target audience; ensuring that their book is well suited for readers, is conveying the right message and is enjoyable, before they move on to final polishing or publishing.

Share your manuscript with me and I’ll provide you with feedback on your book and let you know which elements I loved and which I thought could be improved, and how.

How do I do this?

After reading your manuscript, I’ll complete a detailed feedback report answering thirty questions arranged into categories.

  • Opening scene,
  • Characters & dialogue,
  • Plot & conflict,
  • Flow & pacing,
  • Setting & world building,
  • Writing style,
  • Overall impression.

My report will be sent to you within the agreed time-frame. You can then use this feedback to guide your editing process and ensure that your novel resonates with its future readers.

I have just had the privilege of having Kim professionally beta-read-edit my third novel.

The service that I received was beyond what I expected, thorough and thoughtful, detailed and insightful. Her notes are a delight to read and deploy, written so good-naturedly that any author urge to hold on to every precious word is soon abandoned in favour of flow and clarity.

Over my, albeit brief, novel-writing career, I have developed absolute trust in Kim’s literary judgement. If Kim says, this sentence is clunky, I de-clunk, if she says, re-write this, I re-write it. Every observation was spot on. Kim sees the trees as well as the wood.

I highly recommend you seek out Kim’s services for your next work, and I look forward to working with her for many books to come.

Holly Bell (April 2019)

What do I offer?

I offer three beta reading levels of service ranging in price: Beta Read 1.0, Beta Read 2.0 and Beta Read 3.0

Price and Payment – I use “per word” pricing for our Beta Reading services, since this is the easiest to calculate, and it leaves little room for misunderstanding. Costs for beta reading vary, depending on which service you choose and the length of your manuscript.

Guideline for Pricing:

  • 1.0 Beta Read – £2 per 1,000 words
  • 2.0 Beta Read – £3 per 1,000 words
  • 3.0 Beta Read – £4 per 1,000 words

Don’t forget to ask about my current promotions.

All payments must be made via Paypal. You will receive a Paypal invoice after I’ve emailed the Beta Reading Report. I appreciate prompt payment within 15 days of receipt to avoid any undue embarrassment.

Time Frame – It is generally agreed that it takes an average reader approximately 1 hour to read 10,000 words. Therefore, the amount of time it will take me to beta read your manuscript and provide you with a comprehensive written report will depend on its length. However, I aim to send you the report within 2 weeks of receiving your manuscript.


I work to strict ethical standards. Your work belongs to you; I’ll never share your work with anyone and all emails containing your manuscript and the manuscript itself will be deleted four weeks after the end of the project.

Under no circumstances will I redistribute, copy, share or make public any material you present to me or the Beta Reading Report or comments.

Genres Not Accepted

At this time, I’m not accepting non-fiction, young adult, teen or children’s literature for my Beta Reading services. Also, no partially completed manuscripts please for this service. Thank you.

Ready for a non-obligation quotation?

In order to give you as accurate quote as possible, I’ll need:

  • the approximate word count of your book,
  • to know which genre your project is and the audience you’re writing for,
  • the level of editorial intervention you’re looking for,
  • your start date and any deadline/schedule for completion,
  • to see a representative sample (from the middle or end) of your manuscript,
  • to know what format the document is in, e.g. Word, PDF, hard copy (paper)

I look forward to working with you!