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Making sure your novel meets high editorial standards, for professional publishing.

I’ll check your manuscript for any errors with the grammar, punctuation and spelling before it’s published. I’ll also make sure readers don’t stumble over awkward sentences or misinterpret ambiguous phrases.

There’s a great deal of confusion about what an editor does and how that differs from the job of a proofreader. Many people blur the roles of proofreaders and copy editors these days. That’s OK. Put simply, the difference between the roles is:

  • The proofreader corrects.
  • The copy editor revises and corrects.

Issues Addressed in a Copy Edit

Copy editing amplifies the author’s voice and helps make sure their writing is professionally presented. I’ll address:

  • Errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Ambiguous or confusing phrasing
  • Plot, time-line and character-feature inconsistencies (so Flora’s eyes don’t change colour and she isn’t pregnant for eleven months … unless she’s from a paranormal species where this is normal)
  • Text-based inconsistencies (such as capitalisation and hyphenation)
  • Word choice (suggestions on more powerful or appropriate vocabulary)
  • Sentence structure and sentence order (for flow and logic)
  • Basic point-of-view issues
  • Basic fact-checking (such as brand name spellings and historic dates)

Issues Addressed in a Proofread

Proofreading is the final stage after all the editing and re-writing has been carried out. It’s that last polish before publication. I’ll address:

  • Any remaining errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Missed capitalised words
  • The content in any tables or lists

Author - Holly Bell

Holly Bell

    “The service that I received was beyond what I expected, thorough and thoughtful, detailed and insightful. Kim’s notes are a delight to read and deploy, written so good-naturedly that any author urge to hold on to every precious word is soon abandoned in favour of flow and clarity.”

Why Choose Brockway Gatehouse for Proofreading and Copy Editing?

Invisible Improvements

Editing is often referred to as “the invisible art”. My job is to smooth out the writing, not inject my own style into it. The manuscript will read like the best version of the author’s work.

Creative Control

I edit using the Tracked Changes feature of Word, so authors can see exactly what I’ve done. Making use of the Comments function also allows me to explain any edits that are more substantial. Accept or reject any edit.


I’ve been working in the publishing industry for 4 years, have already worked with a variety of self-published authors. Plus, I volunteer as a proofreader for Distributed Proofreader, the largest supplier of proofread public domain e-books to Project Gutenberg.

Trained & Qualified

Anyone can say they’re an editor, but I have qualifications in this field. (See the About page for details.) Your manuscript is in qualified hands

Author - Victoria DeLuis

Victoria DeLuis

    “Kim is superb and goes above and beyond in delivering insightful and helpful feedback. She has a brilliant eye for detail, including plot inconsistencies and flawed characterisations. She is professional, with a quick turnaround, and I trust her work completely.

Okay, So Here’s How It Works

Get a quote

    Fill out the form and wait for me to get in touch (usually a couple of days). I’ll ask for a sample chapter from somewhere in the middle, so I can get a sense of the novel and the depth of editing it might need. If I think we’d be a good creative fit, I’ll reply with a quote that includes the total fee, how long the edit will take and when I’m available to start working on it.

Book me in

    If you agree to my quote, I’ll ask you a few questions so I can understand the novel’s editorial requirements (e.g. preferred dictionary, style guide, etc.). Your place in my schedule is secured as soon as my queries are answered. Send over the full manuscript before the project start date. Then wait for me to do my thing.

Receive your edited manuscript

    I’ll diligently edit the novel using Tracked Changes and the Comments features of Word. When I send over the edited manuscript, I’ll also send you the invoice.

Respond to my queries

    I’ll have left a number of queries in the manuscript file. You can use the Comments feature of Word to respond, then email the file back to me for a final check within two weeks. I’ll do any last tweaks based on the answers to my queries. I’ll then send you the final edited manuscript. That’s it!

Author - Felicity Heaton

Felicity Heaton

    “Whenever I send Kim a book, I can’t wait to get it back and read all her comments and queries. Her insights really help me hone my book so it’s the best it can be, and I love discovering what she thought about the characters and the story.

Things You Might Be Wondering …

Do you work with self-publishing authors?

Yes, the majority of my clients self-publish.

If we haven’t worked together before, I recommend a manuscript assessment first rather than jumping straight into a copy edit. During a manuscript assessment, I look at the “big picture”, uncovering any areas that need improvement and offering suggestions. This reduces the work needed when it comes to a copy or line edit, thus also reducing the costs.

The relationship between author and editor is a special one. There needs to be a high level of trust, mutual understanding, and a good working relationship. After all, we’re working together to ensure your novel is the best it can be.

Will the manuscript be error-free after a copy-edit?

Honestly? Probably not, although that’s always what I aim for. However, it’s impossible for every error to be caught in a single pass, we’re only human, after all. The Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading says: ‘A good copy-editor picks up 80% of errors; a good proofreader picks up 80% of what’s left.

Remember, a copy-edit helps improve the writing – as well as catch as many of those pesky errors as possible.

Author - Madeline McQueen

Madeline McQueen

    “It was lovely working with Kim and she was very kind and pleasant to talk with. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to polish their book. I hope to work with her again in the future.”

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