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Manuscript CritiqueConstructive analysis and honest insight, so you can revise with confidence.

A manuscript critique (or beta/alpha read) provides you with general guidance on where your novel can be improved. I’ll explain what is and isn’t working and offer suggestions on how you can improve your novel further, matching your creative intentions to your publishing goals.

Genre Specialisms

To provide you with the best feedback, I need to be familiar with your genre. I only critique manuscripts that fall under one of my specialisms:

Cosy Mystery

Amateur sleuth, detective, private investigator …

Speculative Fiction

Paranormal women’s fiction, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, magical realism …

Or a novel that blends the genres within my specialisms.

YA novels and children’s literature, non-fiction and works for academia are not in my area of expertise.

Author - Victoria DeLuis

Victoria DeLuis

Kim is a superb beta reader, who goes above and beyond in delivering insightful and helpful feedback. She has a brilliant eye for detail, including plot inconsistencies and flawed characterisations. She is professional, with a quick turnaround, and I trust her work completely. I wholeheartedly recommended and will be using her service for my future novels.

Many authors send their manuscript off for a critique so that they can gain some feedback from their target audience; ensuring that their book is well suited for readers, is conveying the right message and is enjoyable, before they move on to final polishing or publishing.

Why Choose a Brockway Gatehouse Manuscript Critique?

Empathy & Sensitivity

I know it can be nerve-wracking asking for feedback. I aim to carry out my services with the utmost sensitivity, and I do my absolute best to understand your creative intentions and help you achieve them – while still pushing you to improve.

Tailored Service

Every novel is different, and every author is different. However, what we’re all looking for is that perfect spot. Balancing your creative intention with reactions from your potential readers and where your novel might fit in the market. My critique will take this all in to consideration

How a Manuscript Critique Works

Request a critique

    Use the form below to request a manuscript critique and to tell me a little bit about your novel. I’ll email you with any further questions I have about your book, your writing background and your publishing intentions. This will help me decide whether I think we’d be a good creative fit and whether this service is right for you.

Agree the details

    If I think we’d be a good fit, I’ll let you know the soonest date I can start work on your critique and how long it will take me (usually about 2 weeks). Your place in my schedule is locked in as soon as you confirm the date.

Wait for me to do my thing

    Send me your manuscript in full before the project start date, and I’ll go away and read and carefully analyse your novel. There will be lots of thinking and note-taking! My “thing” includes looking at:

  • Opening scene,
  • Characters & dialogue,
  • Plot & conflict,
  • Flow & pacing,
  • Setting & world building,
  • Writing style,
  • Overall impression.

Once I’ve finished, I’ll email your manuscript back to you with all my thoughts and comments along with the invoice for the fee.

Ask any last questions

    You can send me one follow-up email to ask for any clarifications. However, you’ll need to send this within a month of receiving the critique, so your manuscript is still fresh in my mind. After that, you should feel ready to start the next stage of the writing process.

Author - Holly Bell

Holly Bell

I have just had the privilege of having Kim professionally beta-read-edit my third novel.

The service that I received was beyond what I expected, thorough and thoughtful, detailed and insightful. Her notes are a delight to read and deploy, written so good-naturedly that any author urge to hold on to every precious word is soon abandoned in favour of flow and clarity. Over my, albeit brief, novel-writing career, I have developed absolute trust in Kim’s literary judgement. Kim sees the trees as well as the wood.

I highly recommend you seek out Kim’s services for your next work, and I look forward to working with her for many books to come.

Guideline for Pricing:

Let’s talk numbers. I use “per word” pricing for my manuscript critique service, since this is the easiest to calculate, and it leaves little room for misunderstanding. However, costs vary, depending on the length of your manuscript.

SERIES DISCOUNT: If you hire me to critique further novels in the same series, I’ll apply a discount to each of those subsequent manuscripts.

FURTHER SERVICES DISCOUNT: If you consequently hire me to copy edit your manuscript, I’ll apply a discount to my fee.

I work with authors across the world but invoice in pounds (GBP).

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