📢 Author Poll: Which social media platform are you on the most?

Hello, lovely self-published authors! Today, I’m asking for your help with my first ever author poll!

I’ve been planning my future blog posts and decided to write about social media platforms and share some tips and my own personal experiences. However, as I set up this blog to help my clients (both current and future), I’d like to know what your experiences are.

I’m a Twitter fan and love tweeting, but which is the one you use the most?

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This mini poll will give me a quick snapshot of which platform is the most popular with self-publishing authors. But I’d be grateful for any comments about why you use the platform(s) that you do and what successes and disappointments have you experienced.

Drop me a comment below or use my contact form if you’d prefer.

I’m going to keep the poll open until 18th March 2022.

Looking forward to comparing social media notes. 😘