Flora is my dream beta reader. I’ve tried a few betas in the past, but none of them measure up to Flora. I’m so happy to have her on my editing team. Not only is she professional, skilled and timely, but I always know she’ll do an incredible job. Whenever I send her a book, I can’t wait to get it back and read all her comments together with her report. Her insights as a reader really help me hone my book so it’s the best it can be, and I love discovering what she thought about the characters and the story. I’ve worked with Flora on several of my books, and I’m looking forward to working with her on my future projects. I cannot recommend her enough.

— Felicity Heaton (October 2020) Beta Read 2.0

Kim is an integral part of the creation of my novels. She brings rare gifts to the task. Not only does she possess the professional skills and diligently checks anything that is borderline but applies insight and experience to the manuscript. It is a delight to go through Kim’s comments. Kim is solution-oriented. If there is an issue with a sentence or a paragraph, she suggests alternatives, and all I have to do is pick one. Kim makes the whole process easy. I very much enjoy and appreciate her remarks along the way on her experience of following the story.

Kim does all of this and more with tact, kindness, wit and humour. Not only are her comments entertainingly expressed, but they give me a real feel for the emotional terrain of the narrative as it is experienced from the reader’s side. In this way, Kim expertly interfaces between writer and reader. Kim sees both what I am trying to achieve,  how it is coming across and how it might be accomplished more effectively.

In short, I would highly recommend Kim’s editorial skills to any author. I consider it a privilege to call Kim my editor and look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Holly Bell (August 2020) Copy Edit

I worked with Flora on my novel and she was very helpful. She helped me edit, proofread, and gave me her intake on certain parts of the story. If something didn’t seem right or was off, she let me know and the reasons. She was great to communicate with and she also informed me of the good aspects of my story. It was lovely working with Flora and she was very kind and pleasant to talk with. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to polish their book. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Madeline McQueen (November 2019) Beta Read 2.0

Flora is a superb beta reader, who goes above and beyond in delivering insightful and helpful feedback. She has a brilliant eye for detail, including plot inconsistencies and flawed characterisations. She is professional, with a quick turnaround, and I trust her work completely. I whole heartedly recommended and will be using her service for my future novels.

Victoria DeLuis (September 2019) Beta Read 2.0

I have just had the privilege of having Flora professionally beta-read-edit my third novel.

The service that I received was beyond what I expected, thorough and thoughtful, detailed and insightful. Her notes are a delight to read and deploy, written so good-naturedly that any author urge to hold on to every precious word is soon abandoned in favour of flow and clarity.

Over my, albeit brief, novel-writing career, I have developed absolute trust in Flora’s literary judgement. If Flora says, this sentence is clunky, I de-clunk, if Flora says, re-write this, I re-write it. Every observation was spot on. Flora sees the trees as well as the wood. I highly recommend you seek out Flora’s services for your next work, and I look forward to working with her for many books to come.

Holly Bell (April 2019) Beta Read 3.0