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The English Language Variations across the Atlantic

The English Language: Variations across the Atlantic

Hello and welcome to the blog. It’s undeniable that the English language is tricky to master. I’ve already talked about the pitfalls when it comes to spelling. Today, I’m talking about the English language: variations found on both sides of the Atlantic. The majority of my clients are British, however, I’ve worked with Canadians and Americans too. One of the …

Spelling: Common Words in English That Can Trip Us Up

Spelling: Common Words in English That Can Trip Us Up

It is a well repeated mantra in schools and authors’ circles that English is a confusing language to master. Many of the “rules” of spelling and grammar have more exceptions than compromises! Even after my many years in education, there are some that cause me to pause and reach for my reference books. It’s not easy. Let’s start with spelling. …

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Hello from the Brockway Gatehouse Literary Services Team

Hello and welcome to our first blog post. Brockway Gatehouse Literary Services is a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. Flora and I share a love of books and reading. As we’re both teaching assistants, we also enjoy passing on our skills and knowledge to others and get great satisfaction from our jobs. …