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Post Featured Image 1920x1080 - Book Bloggers Unveiled _ Help for authors self-publishing!

Book Bloggers Unveiled ~ Help for authors self-publishing!

Hello everyone. Today, I’d like to talk about book bloggers and how they help authors with their self-published books. Introducing, Book Bloggers Unveiled. In the last decade, we’ve witnessed a self-publishing revolution. Viva La Revolution! Amazon’s Kindle Print on Demand facility means that anyone from established authors to new writers are now able to send their words out into the …

The English Language Variations across the Atlantic

The English Language: Variations across the Atlantic

Hello and welcome to the blog. It’s undeniable that the English language is tricky to master. I’ve already talked about the pitfalls when it comes to spelling. Today, I’m talking about the English language: variations found on both sides of the Atlantic. The majority of my clients are British, however, I’ve worked with Canadians and Americans too. One of the …

Post Featured Image - Hello From The BG Blog

Hello from The BG Blog.

Hello and welcome to the first post from The BG Blog. I decided that it would be fun to include a blog on the Brockway Gatehouse website after reading some posts from my fellow editors and some lovely lifestyle and book bloggers. My friend, Flora, and I share a love of books and reading. We’re both teaching assistants, enjoy passing …