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Flora's Musings on Brockway Gatehouse - How do you become a professional beta reader?

How do you become a professional beta reader?

Hello everyone. It’s my turn on the blog today. I’ve decided to share my secrets about being a paid beta reader. I get asked lots of questions about being a beta reader. One of the most common is how did I manage to turn my hobby into a business? 😉 It’s every bookworm’s dream to get paid to read books, …

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Hello from the Brockway Gatehouse Literary Services Team

Hello and welcome to our first blog post. Brockway Gatehouse Literary Services is a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. Flora and I share a love of books and reading. As we’re both teaching assistants, we also enjoy passing on our skills and knowledge to others and get great satisfaction from our jobs. …